A 40-something wife, mother, and friend who suffers from schizo-affective disorder, D.I.D, and severe P.T.S.D.. I live in the Arizona dessert and spend my time writing poetry, short stories, and working on my great american novel. I am a fan of fantasy, romance, sci-fi and comedy novels. My most favorite novel is The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia and we can't leave out the Dresden Files. I take Mental Illness and my family seriously. Welcome and enjoy.

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I’m uping my weight loss game. I have 100# to go to be realistically where I see myself. I have all ready lost 150# over the last two years thanks to my sister who is more health conscious food wise.

She is teaching me better food choices.  So I’m trying to learn.  I was never taught about food and nutrition in school. I tried to teach myself didnt work to well.

I am upping my exercise though. Walking to the grocery store and backis 1.25 miles.  I did it today at a brisk pace took. 20 minutes.

Dixie needs exercise to so I need to figure out her haltie so Iwill have better control. Walking weather is here and all I need is a good pair of tennis shoes and Dixie and I are set. Our car died walking and busses are the option which doesnt bother me. I just dont like doing it alone so dixie will help.

Walking to frys and back at least three times a week to start is good.



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