A 30-something wife, mother, and friend who suffers from schizoaffective disorder, D.I.D, and severe P.T.S.D.. She lives in the Arizona dessert and spends her time writing poetry, short stories, and working on her great american novel. She is a fan of fantasy, romance, sci-fi and comedy novels. Her most favorite novel is The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia and we can't leave out the Dresden Files. She takes Mental Illness and her family seriously. Welcome and enjoy.

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while I try to look happy, passible, and productive I am scrambled inside.

my husband is lierally Pigpen from the Charlie Brown Peanuts comic complete with dust cloud finding him around.  right now he has to walk to work, work 8 hours and walk home its a 7 mile walk but hes doing it with complaint.

my duty is to clean the house and keep her clean.  I don’t mind cleaning what I can’t handle is pig pens critiscism on what I try hard to do.  there is always something going wrong and he has no right criticizing me like that. it makes me feel worthless and unwanted yet I clean in homes it will stay clean for at least a week.

I just wish he’d respect me I resspect him 90% of the time. it does not do well withb my mental illness and autism.  he used to be thoughtful. I try to meet his sudden expectations.

my meds work 75% of the time.  I work hard.   but in his lazy, overworked life I just dont met the sudden standards.  come november I may have a friend from out of town come and visit me.  I hope she can.  I would love to see her.

ambys buisness is slowly expanding and I wish her the best and I lovee to help her flesh out her ideas.


I will be as strong as my mind and body allow.

my illness does not define me.

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