A 40-something wife, mother, and friend who suffers from schizo-affective disorder, D.I.D, and severe P.T.S.D.. I live in the Arizona dessert and spend my time writing poetry, short stories, and working on my great american novel. I am a fan of fantasy, romance, sci-fi and comedy novels. My most favorite novel is The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia and we can't leave out the Dresden Files. I take Mental Illness and my family seriously. Welcome and enjoy.

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Music has always soothed me.  The mood dictates the music.

I listen to everything, sometimes even rap even though I dont understand it, the melodies, drums, bass work, keyboards all clense my hurt and pains.

hell sometimes I am in the mood for classical or big band era jazz and dance you know in the mood, I won’t dance.  even modern jazz work like the phenominal norah jones.

I own alot of soundtracks they help me discover new artists.  sometimes my sister or friends would introduce me to a song and i{ii need more.

tonight I am listening to 30 seconds to mars, miley cyrus, lindsey stirling, the tenors, norah jones, antoria, and cradle of filth, and of course rammstein.

awarm shower tunes in my bed and off to beddy-bye



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